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Loyalty and Organizational Experience

​We help companies understand the perception and satisfaction of their stakeholders.

Customer Satisfaction Studies

Brand and Media

Fundamental tools to understand how your brand is perceived in the market.

Brand and positioning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

​Voting intention and Public Opinion

Measures, understands and evaluates the attitudes, perceptions and preferences of the population in relation to specific topics.

Voting Intention and Public Opinion Studies

Digital Appropriation

​An initiative seeks to elevate the conversation about technology and promote digital inclusion.

Digital Appropriation

Social and Human Development

Our qualitative studies reveal the voices, stories and emotions behind the data.

Qualitative research studies of Social and Human Development

​Evaluation and Implementation of Policies and Programs

​Ensure that government actions and organizational initiatives are effective, efficient and equitable.

Impact evaluations



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​CNC Headquarters

​BOGOTÁ (Main Headquarters)

PBX: 601 3394888 | Cl. 82 # 6 - 51 | Postal code: 110221

​BOGOTÁ (Central Headquarters)

Cra 13 # 35 - 43


Cl. 50 # 46 - 36 Of. 1012 Ed. Furatena


Av. 4 Norte # 23N - 01  Of. 302 Versalles


Cra. 46 # 84 - 62 Of. 302

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