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Diagnóstico y recomendaciones para la inclusión laboral de los sectores sociales LGBTI

El documento brinda insumos importantes para promover la transformación de dinámicas conscientes e inconscientes de exclusión, y visibiliza buenas prácticas de inclusión ya emprendidas por diversas entidades en Bogotá, así como experiencias internacionales que pueden ser relevantes para los actores interesados en fortalecer la inclusión laboral.

Ranking Nacional de Empresas Incluyentes

National Ranking of Inclusive Companies 2020

The purpose of the Ranking is to recognize the efforts of companies and people in creating
an environment free of discrimination.

Derechos humanos LGBT.jpg

Guide to Identify Good Practices and Frequently Asked Questions

( Guide ) Contains a suggested route to implement these principles and standards in organizations.

Consumo de productos y servicios de salu

Consumption of health and personal care products, services - 2017

(Presentation)  opinions of people about the use of products and services related to medicines, health, hygiene and personal care.  

Personas con Máscaras

Participate | Ranking for Teams Exclusively Responsible for LGBT+ Diversity 

Participate in this ranking for teams exclusively in charge of LGBT+ diversity in companies. Identify  internal mechanisms to prevent, manage, control and react to risks.

Derechos humanos LGBT.jpg

Global Principles for Business

These standards of conduct are also an opportunity to go beyond the participation of companies, pointing out the many opportunities that companies have to contribute to positive social changes in the communities where they do business.” September 2017, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Turismo LGBTI en Colombia.jpg

LGBTI tourism in Colombia - 2019

(Presentation) The objective of the research is to understand some tourism habits and perceptions of the LGBTI community.

Relacionamiento con los trabajadores LGB

Relationship with workers - LGBTI - 2016

(Presentation) Opinions and feelings of people about their work in the framework of the "Diverse Talent" Program to promote employment aimed at the LGBTI community in Colombia.  

Fondo Ranking Nacional Empresas Incluyen

Report | Human Rights Identify Good Practices to Create Wealth Based on Diversity 2020

The National Ranking of Inclusive Companies intends to help implement the Global Principles for Companies that aim to achieve harmonious coexistence.

Derechos humanos LGBT.jpg

Human Rights - Good practices to create wealth

(Form) Identify Good Practices to Create Wealth Based on Diversity 2021

Percepcion del sector de la banca y los

Perception of the banking and insurance sector - 2018

(Presentation) People's opinions about the use of products and services related to the banking and insurance sectors.


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