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How to improve the eCommerce service? 

Currently we have excellent platforms to support the relationship between people and the services available through the network.
Especially in the eCommerce theme, many companies and tools come together
technology to provide the service or sell a product.
The eCommerce customer journey is framed below, an example of perception from the point of view of the customer and the organization, and the solutions we offer to improve at each stage.

Como mejorar el servicio

Usability Test

Objectives of the usability test

Understanding of
clients using techniques
“buyer people”

Creation of proposals
of value for each
“buyer person”
identified. (What?)

test design
usability, tasks to
perform and contexts
(How and why?)

Making report
with finds and


1. Construction of a “buyer persona”: through meetings to learn about customer needs and buyer data (analytics) and a co-creation session to establish the “buyers”.
(Personalization technique to understand customers: characteristics).

Buyeer persona-03.png

2. Value proposition for each “buyer persona”:
Workshop (2 hours) with methodology by Alexander Osterwalder (Canvas).

Buyeer persona-04.png

3. Design and implementation of "usability test" based on the type of "buyer" and the established value proposition.

Buyer persona-05.png
Como mejorar el servicio

Monitoring of the Logistics Process

Logistics process objectives:

SEAS methodology

  1. Process flow survey, monitoring points that require detailed observation are identified.

  2. The current status of each of the points is evaluated through the collection of primary information and management indicators.

  3. The future or expected state is proposed jointly and the road map is established with the planning of medium and long-term objectives, including approximate times for its implementation.

  4. The objectives are carried out through action plans with specific tasks around the monitoring points, the Single Pending List (LUP) is reviewed.

  5. Periodic evaluations are carried out through the Road Map, crossing with the selected or defined management indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of the improvement process and its impact; for example in the increase in the level of sales, the logistics cost, the opportunity in delivery, among others.

Collect the perception at the time of delivery


Identify delivery times

Create questions at each listening point

Plan and monitoring of
delivery times

Delivery Monitoring

Monitoreo de entregas-08.png
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