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How to generate efficient management mechanisms for health professionals?

The demand for health personnel has increased by 23%, half corresponds to doctors and the other half to care positions (nurses and stretcher bearers). Felipe Franco Spring Professional

Especially now, with the impact of Covid-19 on the health system, “information  and technology” is needed to coordinate and improve efficiency in processes and people management.

The Current Order Management Process
eg stretcher bearer

Gestión de Ordenes en salud

Management through the app increases productivity by 40%

Gestión a traves del app

It can be monitored and coordinated in different locations and types of service, taking advantage of current GPS technology, it can even be traveled within hospitals

Monitoreo de Sedes - Salud

Management Dashboards, increase the management of workloads and connection with the financial area

Dashboard Order Management System – Daily Report

Tablero de Gestion de Ordenes-06.png

Implementation in less than a day, 3 ways to do it 

Implementacion en salud
  • Station request module.

  • High-precision locators, which can function as "beepers".

Implementacion en salud
  • Order app.

  • Network and request tracking through pagers and GPRS.

Implementacion en salud
  • There is no access to the hospital PC.

  • Mobile app for nurses.

  • There are no locators.

  • GPRS location network.

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