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Innovation and business growth

Tracking opportunities for innovation and business growth
  • Recognize the company's value proposition from the perspectives of its different stakeholders.

Innovación CNC
  • Identify and understand the trends that are affecting the markets in which the company participates.

  • Detect the core competences or differential capabilities of the company as well as its hidden assets.

  • Identify possible scenarios for innovation or business growth focused on increasing the use of underutilized processes.

  • Determine the market potential of the opportunity that fits the growth strategy and  the vision of the company.

Methodology for tracking opportunities
Innovación CNC
Innovación CNC
Innovación CNC
Innovación CNC
Innovación CNC


Be recognized as a company.

Innovation is the product of connecting dots, ideas, concepts. In each phase of the program, the entrepreneur will identify information that will help him to connect and detect scenarios and growth opportunities for his business.

Trends and Market: Analyze the world environment, the sector and the Colombian environment through: Documentary research of the sector.

Playing Fields: Detect possible scenarios where I can compete with the  opportunities detected.

Potential: Detect the potential market of the identified opportunity concept for the company to create its action plan.

Innovación CNC

360 Analysis: We will carry out a business recognition exercise where, through the methodology of guided in-depth interviews, we will learn the perspectives of the company's main stakeholders

(Shareholders, General Manager, Board of Directors, Suppliers, compared to the current value proposition).

Innovación CNC

Market analysis:

A general analysis of the potential market will be carried out for the concept of opportunity detected.

Innovación CNC

Concept of Opportunities: Together with the entrepreneur, we will detect possible scenarios that may arise in line with market trends, capabilities and hidden assets identified.


The entrepreneur will define the fundamental variables to make a positioning map of possible scenarios (new products, services, business model, segments, etc).

Innovación CNC

Trend analysis:

In a work session we will bring the entrepreneur closer to the trends that are transforming the world and business. This will allow you to broaden your spectrum of knowledge, generate conversations and find inspiration as a source of new ideas for your business.

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