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Relations / Markets / Brand / Media / Advertising / Segmentation / Competition / Prices / Public Opinion / Hidden Client / Client Experience / Audits / Digital Appropriation / Big Data

At the National Consulting Center we know that the business world requires tangible results, aligned with planning and with short-term objectives. We know that each problem requires a different research strategy. For this reason, we use state-of-the-art methodologies and tools that produce precisely the kind of information that is needed.

We have a working method that we apply to all projects.

Investigación de mercados
Selección del informante

The selection of the informant using appropriate sampling techniques.

Diseño de peguntas

Design of questions with appreciative inquiry techniques.

Captura de múltiples canales

Capture across multiple channels at once (web, phone, tablets, etc.)

Recolección de la información

Collection of information  insights or motivators and feedback through surveys, social networks and other methods.

Herramientas de recolección

Wide range of technological tools to collect, manage, analyze and deliver information throughout the organization.

Servicios de investigación

Research services include advanced analytics: predictive, longitudinal, descriptive, profiling, segmentation, and more.

Communication, socialization and action plans to ensure the success and impact of the information.

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