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multitudes de la ciudad


At the National Consulting Center we know that the business world requires tangible results, aligned with planning and with short-term objectives. We know that each problem requires a different research strategy. For this reason, we use state-of-the-art methodologies and tools that produce precisely the kind of information that is needed.

» Voting intention
» Public opinion inquiries
» Evaluation of policies and programs
» Characterization of social problems
» Social Observatories
» Departmental and institutional management
» The citizen first, service and attention
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Voting intention

The National Consulting Center is the company with the most experience in generating information and tools for agenda construction and strategic decision-making in public management and political marketing.


We have guided with our inputs in public opinion, the design of content and communication of government management at the national, regional and local levels in Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.


The approach provided by the CNC not only focuses on capturing information associated with the citizen's perception of the social, political or economic situation, but also makes available to governments triangulated information capable of describing various dynamics of the same phenomenon under study. .

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