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Business and Consulting

At the National Consulting Center we know that the business world requires tangible results, aligned with planning and with short-term objectives. We know that each problem requires a different research strategy. For this reason, we use state-of-the-art methodologies and tools that produce precisely the kind of information that is needed.

» Reputation, stakeholder management
» Segmentation by lifestyle, habits and uses
» Brand and positioning
" Media consumption
» Culture and work environment
» Advertising efficiency
» Business Intelligence & Analytics
Hombres de negocios que aplauden

Reputation, stakeholder management

Reputation is the recognition that the interest groups of each organization make of their behavior with society and the satisfaction of their expectations according to the commitments acquired by that organization, which are normally expressed in its Vision, Mission and Values. .


Reputation improves the commercial offer due to its capacity for differentiation and for the emotional loyalty of the consumer.


In other words, a continuous and multidimensional reputation measurement system is implemented, consolidating all the assets of the company's reputation into a numerical value and offering a global reflection on the reputation, through the simple identification of the value /weight of the different interest groups and of the objectives to be achieved in each one.

Our methodology is aligned with that of the Corporate Reputation Business Monitor (MERCO), which is an evaluation instrument that has been measuring reputation since 2000, and has become one of the benchmark monitors worldwide. Merco Empresas and Merco Leaders have been held in Colombia since 2008 and Merco Responsible Companies since 2011.

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