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Costa Rica, Morocco and Spain, against the current

Costa Rica, Morocco and Spain, against the current
Costa Rica, Morocco and Spain, against the current | Image taken from

Despite having the odds against them, Ticos and Moroccans surprised in their second World Cup outing and took victory against Japan and Belgium, while Spain was unable to capitalize on their favoritism against Germany and the ghost of premature elimination moves away from the greats... for now. But what explains these results so far from the logic of probabilities. For this we have to include within the analysis factors those that do not correspond clearly to the statistics, that is, those conditions that are handled within the field of play and that are in charge of enforcing or not the scrolls that are available. . In this way, and in terms that are a little removed from tactics, we find in the CONCACAF team the classic effect that arises in Latin American countries when they are put under pressure and that is that they get blocked, ideas do not flow and they get very far from their level. In this way, Costa Rica managed to take all the pressure off when they left the feeling of saying goodbye to the World Cup after losing to Spain. As it was an expected fact, no one was going to go against a team that cannot be asked to fight for the title, so the pressure was removed and today we found a team in accordance with the idea of ​​the game shown in the qualifiers and the head in focus to achieve goals.

Costa Rica has increased its chances of qualifying to 42% and in its final round game against Germany, which has lower expectations (28%), it will have to keep its head cool to achieve the goal. In the same group, Spain equalized against a Germany that was seen again as a great team, with technique, physique, mentality, hierarchy. And the odds that were in favor of the Iberians were left in the hands of a tie. And here an effect similar to the previous one occurs, where the Germans managed to improve their image and therefore, despite not coming with a better pace than Spain, they tied and stayed alive in the tournament, yes, their classification is still complicated since the numbers, where he has a 28% chance of going to the round of 16.

Finally we talk about Morocco and an unexpected walk through Qatar 2022, the leading march of the group together with Croatia, both add 4 points. With their 2-0 victory against Belgium, they leave the Red Devils in third position (3), while Canada closes the table with zero units and already eliminated. These high peaks of performance arise in teams with little technical visibility thanks mainly to the tactical order, the process for the World Cup is a key element for the understanding between players and thus we see in the development of the Cup a team with a solid structure that reaches its fullness free of pressures. Surely Morocco was not in the minds of many when choosing the two qualifiers from zone F, but with their presentations they are already calling for leadership, now their chances of qualifying are 87%, surpassing the Belgians (48%) that they will now have to face Croatia, which is shown as the candidate to stay with the first place in the group (65%). By: CNC

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