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Creating a company in Colombia is a complex matter, says a study from the U. del Rosario

According to a survey by the Universidad del Rosario, where most attempts are made to create a business is in the Caribbean region (Barranquilla, Cartagena, Riohacha) with 76%. It is followed by the central east of the country (Bucaramanga, Neiva, Yopal, Fusagasugá, Sogamoso, Duitama) with 73%.

Companies in Colombia
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Of the 84% of Colombians who have had the idea of starting their own business or creating a company, 72% tried to make it a reality. However, of this population, less than 50% were successful, which shows that creating a business in Colombia is a complex matter.

This is revealed by the First Large Survey called "The voice of companies in Colombia, a dialogue with society."

According to the survey of the Universidad del Rosario and El Tiempo, with the Centro Nacional de Consultoría, where most attempts are made to create a company is in the Caribbean region (Barranquilla, Cartagena, Riohacha, Sabanalarga, Santa Rosa del Sur, San Jacinto and Galeras). with 76%.

It is followed by the central east of the country (Bucaramanga, Neiva, Yopal, Fusagasugá, Sogamoso, Duitama, Soacha and San Vicente de Chucurí) with 73% and Bogotá, with 71%.

The regions where people fail the most to set up their business are Bogotá (65%), followed by the center east of the country (56%) and Antioquia and the Coffee Region (48%).

Likewise, 62% of those surveyed consider that the most difficult thing to succeed in starting a business is getting the money to create it, especially in the Caribbean region, with 73%, and in the south-west of the country (Cali, Pasto, Florencia, Jamundí, Leguízamo and Vijes), with 71%.

79% is the indicator of confidence of Colombians in companies, according to the survey.

Colombia, innovative country

The sample allows us to delve into the phenomenon of informality with a key indicator: almost 40% of Colombians are self-employed, although the vast majority, 81%, would like to have a secure job, said Alejandro Cheyne, rector of the Universidad del Rosario, in the delivery of the results.

A piece of information that has great significance at the current moment in the country is that those surveyed see Ecopetrol as the company that can further mark the country's economic growth.

Colombians admire and respect Colombian companies (66%), however, only 27% believe that companies work to fight corruption and 39% believe that they promote environmental responsibility.

According to the survey, the institutions that generate the greatest mistrust are political parties (89%), Congress (76%), local governments (69%), judges (64%) and the non-Catholic church (62%).

Relationship between workers and employers

The results of the survey express the opinion of the people about the role of companies in society.

For this, 1,209 people were surveyed between March 15 and April 18, over 18 years of age and of all socioeconomic levels, in 29 municipalities of Colombia.

“This investigation allows us to see for the first time revealing results about Colombian companies, their relationship with society and with the Government, and what they represent for the country, not only from the point of view of the labor market, but also from the creation of wealth," Cheyne explained.

Another conclusion of the study has to do with the fact that the majority of those surveyed, 58%, expect that there will be a more harmonious work of the companies with the universities and the national and local governments, with the purpose of creating wealth for all.

“People consider that without companies there will be no greater wealth. 86% consider that it is not possible to have a rich country without companies. Therefore, the creation of wealth and the generation of income are closely tied to their prosperity”, explained the rector of the Universidad del Rosario.

The study revealed the existence of an excellent relationship between workers and employers, which distorts the idea of some sectors of a growing class struggle. 77% of those surveyed said they are very satisfied or satisfied with their employers.

“In the same vein, 72% of those interviewed said that they admire their employers.”

Cheyne stated that the most important emotions that workers feel for their employers are: pride with 22%, optimism at 22%, joy at 19% and confidence at 11%.

Although 62% of people do not know the taxes that companies must pay, 49% disagree that they pay more taxes.

Ecopetrol and other data

In the midst of the energy transition, 81% of people recognize that oil is key in the country, that its exit would affect the economy (75%) and that Ecopetrol is one of the companies that most marks the regions.

Among the main regions that see oil as a positive industry for the country are Antioquia and the Coffee Region (91%), the Caribbean (87%), and the country's central east (80%). For these regions, the national economy would worsen if it stopped operating.

Likewise, the survey revealed that 64% of those surveyed consider that the country is not on the right track, 84% want President Petro to do well, 86% think that it is impossible to have a rich country without companies and 55 % believe that the Government recognizes the contribution of companies to the future of the country.

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Por: Miguel Orlando Alguero

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