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These are the most inclusive companies in the country

IBM leads the ranking and for the first time in 10 years, a Colombian firm is among the top three.

These are the most inclusive companies in the country
These are the most inclusive companies in the country | Image taken from

With two banks on the list and for the first time a Colombian company in the first three positions, the Chamber of Diversity revealed the top 10 of the National Ranking of Inclusive Companies 2022, developed by the Centro Nacional de Consultoría.

The National Ranking of Most Inclusive Companies, carried out by the Centro Nacional de Consultoría. The top 10 is made up of IBM, Google, Ecopetrol, Movistar, Scotiabank Colpatria, Teleperformance, Cenit, Johnson & Johnson, Banco de Bogotá and Sodexo. The president of the Chamber of Diversity, Felipe Cárdenas, assured that with this survey two great news are revealed, “Cenit, which last year was in position number 14, is the Colombian company that rose the fastest in the ranking , ranking seventh today; in addition, another Colombian company entered the top 10: Banco de Bogotá”. This Ranking is one of the first measurement systems in Latin America, which highlights companies that -from their corporate strategy- are committed to inclusion. The participating companies filled out a form with specific activities on issues of diversity and inclusion so that the Centro Nacional de Consultoría (CNC) proceeded to make a precise measurement. The goal of creating roadmaps and an action plan towards diversity and inclusion. "It is not just a measurement list, but it is accompanied by a great business evolution methodology to ensure that there will be a space free of discrimination," said Cárdenas. Currently, more organizations receive advice from the Chamber of Diversity to generate more inclusive business environments, providing greater opportunities for the entire population regardless of labels based on race, place of origin, disability, gender or sexual preference.

More inclusive jobs

On the other hand, since 2016, when the Chamber launched the Inclusive Employment Program - Diverse Talent -, more than 2,000 job vacancies have been promoted in spaces free of discrimination, to which more than 5,000 candidates with sexual diversity have applied. Such action reduces the labor gap that, according to Dane, exists in LGBT unemployment -almost 4 percentage points more than the national average. “At Banco de Bogotá we are committed to diversity, inclusion and gender equity, which is why we have worked to strengthen our policies and organizational culture around these values. This position in the ranking of the most inclusive companies in Colombia is a validation of the work that we develop day by day under the leadership of the Inclusion and Diversity Management. We will continue joining forces along these lines, in order to have spaces that allow and promote the personal and professional development of each one of our collaborators, through a culture based on respect for differences”, stated Alejandro Figueroa Jaramillo, president of Bank of Bogota. The companies also obtain the Friendly Biz recertification from the Colombian LGBT Chamber of Commerce (CCLGBTCO), an international seal recognized in 15 countries where LGBT Chambers of Commerce operate, which endorses corporate initiatives to achieve spaces free of discrimination for two years. With the seal, the organization is trained on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN Human Rights Standards, the inclusion pentagon for Latin America and the development indices sustainable for companies like the Dow Jones.

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