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How proud are Colombians of the country's companies?

According to the Great Business Climate Survey, 66% of those surveyed feel admiration for companies.

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The results of the First Great Survey on the business climate were known, which evaluates: the acceptance of business management, perception of the civic responsibility of companies and the index of positive environment in which these are developed.

Among the main findings of the survey, presented by the Centro Nacional de Consultoría (CNC) and the Universidad del Rosario, in alliance with EL TIEMPO, it stands out that the majority of those surveyed affirmed experiencing positive emotions towards Colombian businessmen.

This is how 22% highlighted that they feel proud, another 22% specified that they feel optimistic, 19% said they felt joy, while 11% said they felt confident.

However, 66% of those surveyed said they felt admiration and respect for Colombian companies, 61% said they recommend friends and relatives to support them, 59% said they trust the companies, 59% said they believe they have a good reputation, while 57% affirmed that they have a positive image of the companies.

Given the responsibilities that fall on companies, 55% affirmed that they are the creators of wealth in the country, 51% pointed out that they protect internationally declared human rights, 47% highlighted that they promote inclusion and non-discrimination in the workplace and another 46% said that they seem to be aware of their responsibility to society.

Another 43% indicated that they are the main source of employment for young people, 39% specified that they promote greater environmental responsibility, while 27% said that companies fight against corruption in all its forms.

Regarding the scale of admiration for the company, 72% stated total admiration, 20% specified neither a little nor a lot of admiration, and only 9% said they felt no admiration at all.

Facing the industries that are positive or negative for the integral development of the country. The coffee industry (98%), rice production (96%), followed by commerce (95%), tourism (94%), infrastructure (88%), livestock (87%), sugar mills (87%) and the oil sector (81%). For their part, 50% of those surveyed indicated that the mining sector is negative.

Regarding the employment relationship of Colombians with companies, 77% of those surveyed indicated that they feel very satisfied, 13% specified that they were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, while 10% said they felt dissatisfied.

For your part, when asked, would you like to have a paid job? 81% of those consulted said yes, while 19% said no. Regarding working life, 39% of those surveyed indicated that they have worked part of their lives on their own, while 13% specified that they have worked with large companies.

It is noteworthy that this May 3 the director of EL TIEMPO, Andrés Mompotes; the rector of the Universidad del Rosario, Alejandro Cheyne, and the president of the CNC, Carlos Lemoine, will present the Colombian Business Laboratory.

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