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Matecaña Airport mobilizes 8 of 10 passengers in the Coffee Region

Matecaña Airport mobilizes 8 of 10 passengers in the Coffee Region
Matecaña Airport mobilizes 8 of 10 passengers in the Coffee Region | Image taken from

Although the 3 capitals of the Coffee Region (Pereira, Manizales and Armenia) have aerodromes and some even have international routes, the Matecaña International Airport, by far, is the one that mobilizes the most passengers. According to figures from Aerocivil, about 8 out of 10 passengers traveling to and from the coffee region use the air terminal located in the capital of Risaraldense. Although Matecaña International Airport, like all aerodromes in the world, experienced a crisis due to the Covid pandemic, however, after the reactivation of air operations, Matecaña once again presented an upward trend in passenger movement. Even exceeding in this 2022 figures registered before the arrival of the Coronavirus in the world, which becomes an engine of the economy and competitiveness in Risaralda and its capital. At the end of this term, more than 2 million passengers will be mobilized by the Pereiran aerodrome, especially due to the entry of a new international air route that connects the capital of Risaraldense with New York. It must be remembered that the city already has two direct international routes, one of them to Panama and the other to Miami.

Traveler profile According to the latest survey of Centro Nacional de Consultoría,57% of the people mobilized on domestic flights through the aforementioned air terminal were men, while on international flights more women (56%) used the Matecaña. The age range that recorded the most travelers on the Matecaña was from 26 to 50 years of age.

Regarding the marital status of the users of the Matecaña International Airport, 45% of them were single.

National importance In addition to being the 'king' in the Coffee Region in the movement of passengers, the Pereira airfield was one of the most used in the country between January 1 and November 30 of this year. It ranked eighth in this aspect, being surpassed by the air terminals of the main cities of the country such as Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla and Rionegro (provides the service for a large part of Medellín), as well as by the airports of the destinations tourist destinations in Colombia (Cartagena, San Andrés and Santa Marta). This not only reflects the economic development that the coffee region is having, but also its position as one of the main tourist destinations in the nation and an ideal place for holding congresses, assemblies, among other activities. In Pereira, they intend to further expand the runway at the Matecaña International Airport, which would be vital for the aerodrome to be able to mobilize more passengers because larger planes could land and of course reach new international destinations.


With 1,930,225 passengers mobilized between January 1 and November 30 of this year, the Matecaña International Airport was the eighth in the country with the highest passenger flow in Colombia.

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