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Survey reveals that 64% of Colombians consider that the country is not on the right track

For 74% of those surveyed, doing business in Colombia is difficult or very difficult. Only 48% are successful when creating them

Survey reveals that 64% of Colombians consider that the country is not on the right track
Survey reveals that 64% of Colombians consider that the country is not on the right track | Image taken from

Several important data revealed the results of the survey "The voice of companies in Colombia, a dialogue with society", made to 1,209 people between March 15 and April 18, over 18 years of age and of all socioeconomic levels. , which was announced by the Universidad del Rosario. In this, the confidence in the national government was consulted. According to it, the institutions that generate the greatest mistrust are political parties (89%), the Congress of the Republic (76%), local governments (69%), judges (64%) and the non-Catholic Church (62%). %). In addition, 42% of Colombians trust the Presidency of the Republic, while 62% trust the Ministry of Labor and 53% trust the Treasury portfolio. In this it is also noted that 64% of those surveyed consider that the country is not on the right path, 84% want President Gustavo Petro to do well, 86% think that it is impossible to have a rich country without companies and 55% believe that the Government recognizes the contribution of companies to the future of the country.

Other data

Other data from the survey, in which El Tiempo Casa Editorial and the Centro Nacional de Consultoría, is that 77% of those surveyed are between very satisfied and satisfied with the employment relationship they have with the company in which they work. This satisfaction goes hand in hand with the emotions of pride (22%), optimism (22%), joy (19%) and confidence (11%) that Colombians say they feel about companies. However, they show that doing business in the country is a complex matter. “74% of those surveyed affirm that doing business in Colombia is difficult or very difficult. 84% of Colombians had the idea of ​​starting their own business, 72% of people tried it and only 48% were successful," she says. In addition, it is pointed out that 58% expect there to be a more harmonious work between companies, universities and the Government with the purpose of creating wealth for all. According to the survey, public and private universities are today the most credible institutions in opinion.

“86% of those surveyed indicated that they trust public universities and 81% expressed the same trust in private universities. Likewise, 79% trust Colombian companies and 73% trust businessmen”, indicated the rector of the Universidad del Rosario, Alejandro Cheyne, in the delivery of the results. He also noted that both universities and businessmen enjoy the highest levels of trust in opinion, which accentuates their leading role in society at this time in the country. A fact that is of great significance at the current moment in the country is that those surveyed see Ecopetrol as the company that can further mark the country's economic growth. However, they affirm that Colombia is one of the worst nations in managing its wealth. Likewise, although 62% of people do not know the taxes that companies must pay, 49% disagree that they should pay more taxes.

Business Management Acceptance Index

Parallel to the survey, the Colombian Business Laboratory was presented, from where all issues related to the role of companies in Colombia will be investigated. The laboratory delivered the Business Management Acceptance Index, which analyzes the admiration, respect, trust, support, credibility and reputation that Colombians show for companies. "For this first measurement, the index is 62.5 on average, which shows the recognition and acceptance that Colombians have of the role of companies," noted the rector of the Universidad del Rosario.

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By: Juan Pablo Escobar

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