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The story of Leandro Díaz captivates all of Colombia

Colombian homes are captivated by the most watched biographical series in the country: Leandro Díaz.

The story of Leandro Díaz captivates all of Colombia
The story of Leandro Díaz captivates all of Colombia | Image taken from

The story of one of the most legendary characters of the vallenato scene in Colombia, Leandro Díaz, continues to captivate viewers in the country in a great way and this has been evidenced in different studies carried out after two weeks since its premiere in the schedule. prime of national television. The biographical series is based on the story of Leandro, who came to this world with everything against him. The little boy was born blind and from his father he only received mistreatment, because he believed that it was a divine punishment and therefore he constantly despised him.

Leandro's personality and talent excites Colombians night after night and his intention to earn the respect of those who rejected him captivates viewers, who have shown their loyalty to the series and have delivered great rating numbers for the Channel RCN.

Currently, according to a study by Centro Nacional de Consultoría (CNC), Leandro Díaz leads the lists of most watched productions in Colombia.

According to the figures provided, from September 19 to 30, about 193,000 households have tuned in to Leandro Díaz, on the RCN screen, with the central region of the country making up the largest audience group with 57%. In addition, households from socioeconomic status 2 and 3 account for 76% of the series' total audience. The production starring Silvestre Dangond was also the most watched series in Colombia within Amazon Prime Video during its premiere week and, to date, it is in the top 5 of this ranking. Little by little, this series is winning the hearts of Colombians and the story of Leandro Díaz, with Silvestre Dangond as the protagonist, greatly entertains Colombians when they arrive at their homes.

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