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Without favorable conditions, companies do not survive, highlights a survey by the Universidad del R

The research measured the perception that society has regarding the role of Colombian organizations in issues such as management, citizen responsibility and positive environment.

Sin condiciones favorables las empresas no sobreviven, resalta encuesta de la Universidad del Rosario
Without favorable conditions, companies do not survive, highlights a survey by the Universidad del Rosario | Image taken from

Companies, like people, need a favorable environment to grow, and without it they neither survive nor grow. This is the main conclusion reached by the first study on management, citizen responsibility and positive environment of Colombian companies, carried out by the Universidad del Rosario, El Tiempo and the Centro Nacional de Consultoría.

The research, which measured society's perception of the role of companies, also concluded that 58% of those surveyed say that for wealth to reach everyone, a harmonious work must be done between companies, governments, and universities. "From stratum 1 (41%) to stratum 6 (80%) think so," highlights a statement from the Universidad del Rosario. Likewise, among other results that stand out in the study is that 77% of people feel very satisfied with their labor relations; 72% admire companies; 81 would like to have a paid job; 39% are self-employed; 84% were excited to create their own business, 72% tried, and only 48% succeeded. “74% of people believe that doing business in Colombia is very difficult, and the main reason is lack of resources. Also that Ecopetrol is the company that drives the country's growth the most,” the press release states.

Immediately afterwards, the statement also indicates that pride, joy, optimism and confidence are the emotions that businessmen arouse the most in people, that women are the ones who perceive these emotions the most by businessmen and that young people are the ones who feel the most optimism (34%) and joy (24%). In addition, that 66% of Colombians admire companies, and that young people between 18 and 25 years old are the ones who respect them the most (71%). Finally, the study reveals that coffee, rice, tourism, trade, infrastructure, livestock and oil are the industries considered most positive by Colombians. And that public and private universities are the institutions in which Colombians trust the most. "86% of people believe that you cannot have a rich country without companies," indicates the research.

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By: Alfonso López Suárez

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