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There are 5 questions that organizations ask themselves in relation to asking them
employee surveys.

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Do we need to do surveys?

Simply asking them and asking for their feedback on the organization sends the message that the company is interested in them and how they feel about the organization. Not possible knowing everyone, new perceptions and opinions always emerge. Surveys allow you to see issues that are emerging within workers before they become big issues or snowball. While it is true that you know what is going on with most workers, you cannot know en profundidad unless you ask them.

I think we already know what is happening with the employees.

We are already doing our own survey.

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Isn't this enough?

It is a good sign to pick up feedback. However, choosing the correct questions to ask is difficult. For many years, we've done research to the point that we already know the right questions to generate the most actionable information. We also maintain a database _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_en where you can make analyzes or comparisons with other companies in the sector and the world.

Having a standardized approach allows generating sophisticated information and doing 
important comparisons to guide actions.

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How much does the program cost?

Survey programs are usually expensive, right?

Not compared to what the high rate of worker turnover costs. You don't have to be a financial wizard to know that employee turnover is affecting most organizations today. In other words, lowering the worker turnover rate by just a few percentage points generates a higher return than the cost of the program.

In other words, if you carry out the program and follow the recommendations, you will see the result.

You can't get people to take the survey.

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How to make the workers respond to the entire survey?

There are usually two reasons why employees do not respond to a survey: 
fear or apathy.

If employees are not answering the survey because they feel they are not important to the organization or because they feel that something is not going to be done with the results, it becomes imperative that the survey is acted upon. Having reports that are easy to understand and use means you can take action that workers can see.

If workers are fearful that responses will not be confidential or retaliatory against them, hiring a third party can help alleviate these concerns. In general, workers view a third party as more neutral, and communications may revolve around how the third party is going to maintain confidentiality.

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We get a lot of feedback, but we can't use it all

How do I turn this information into action?

There is a problem in most organizations today. It's one thing to ask feedback, but once you get it, what do you do with it?

This is where the way information is delivered is important. We have developed the delivery of reports in such a way that it highlights how to improve relations with workers and points of easy and quick action can be found. The reports will show the percentage of workers who are loyal and those who are at the door looking for other offers. The motivators of worker loyalty will be identified and the key areas where the greatest attention is required will be specified.

This way there will be a clear list of tasks to be carried out and you will have advice on how to make the most of the information obtained.

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