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What should we understand by reputation?

Reputation is the recognition that an organization's stakeholders make of its behavior and the satisfaction of their expectations according to the commitments acquired by it and normally expressed in its vision, mission and values.

Reputación Empresarial

Establish your Reputational Vision How do you want to be recognized among your stakeholders?

Reputación Empresarial

Establish your stakeholders that need to be managed to achieve your reputational vision.

Reputación Empresarial

Prioritize by the order of influence that its different interest groups have today.

Reputación Empresarial

Define objectives and indicators and reputational goals by interest group.

Reputación Empresarial

Establish the methodology to generate the Reputation and Brand indicators.

Reputación Empresarial
Reputation creates value

Reputation improves the commercial offer due to its capacity for differentiation and for the emotional loyalty of the consumer.

El valor dela Reputación

In other words, se implements a continuous and multidimensional reputation measurement system, consolidates all the company's reputation assets into a numerical value and offers a global reflection on reputation, through the simple identification of the value/weight of the different interest groups and the objectives to be achieved in each one.

Our methodology is aligned with that of the Corporate Reputation Business Monitor (MERCO), which is an evaluation instrument that has been measuring reputation since 2000, and has become one of the benchmark monitors worldwide. Merco Empresas and Merco Leaders have been held in Colombia since 2008 and Merco Responsible Companies since 2011.

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