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Discover Our Consulting in Organizational Culture and its Role in the Customer Experience

​Explore our solutions and discover how we can help you transcend customer expectations, build loyalty and improve your position in the market. Welcome to a new era in customer experience management!

CX Customer Experience

Market study Service experience

Benchmarking Studies in CX

A valuable tool to understand where you are in terms of CX in relation to your competitors and industry leaders. This allows you to identify opportunities for improvement and develop effective strategies to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Buyer Persona, analysis

Analysis and Development of Customer Personas (profiles and buyer personas)

​Research and development of representative profiles of market segments, helping companies better understand and address the needs and desires of their customers.

Social Intelligence & insights

Social Intelligence & insights

Monitor and analyze social media data to understand brand perception.

Brand and Positioning Studies

Brand and Positioning Studies

​Evaluate the perception that customers and the market in general have about a brand and its relative position compared to the competition.

Reputation Studies

Reputation Studies

​evaluate and understand the perception, image and reputation of a person, company, brand, organization or entity in the public context or in a specific market.

Journey Maps and Empathy Diagrams

Journey Maps and Empathy Diagrams

(Value Proposition, Customer Journey Maps, Service Blue Print, among others).

Essential tool to understand, evaluate and improve the customer experience at each stage of their interaction with the organization.

Consulting in Qualitative Studies

Analysis of Emotions and Feelings

Understand the emotions evoked by points of contact with the brand.

Customer Feedback Management (CEM) Software

​Customer Feedback Management (CEM) Software

It is carried out with the purpose of evaluating, selecting and implementing technological solutions that allow an organization to effectively manage and analyze its customers' feedback.

Consulting for 360 CX Excellence certification

​Consulting for 360 CX Excellence certification

Consulting for 360 excellence certification, recognition of the passion and dedication of teams that exceed their promise of value, benefiting all their stakeholders.

Customer Insights (Research)

Customer Insights (Research)

It's essential for staying in tune with your customers, improving strategic decision making, and ensuring your business meets changing market needs and expectations.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer satisfaction (CSAT)

​Crucial tools to evaluate and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn contributes to better business performance and the achievement of strategic objectives.

Virtual Panels (SensorPanel)

​Virtual Panels (Sensor Panel)

Obtain real-time feedback on proposals or ideas, immediate qualitative and quantitative results from more than 30 people.

Touch Point Analysis

Contact Point Analysis

​Crucial tool to evaluate, improve and optimize the customer experience in each interaction with the organization. (hidden client and usability testing)

​Predictive Analysis

​Predictive Analysis

Uses historical data and statistics to identify patterns and trends, and predict future events or outcomes.

UX - Usability Studies

Usability Studies

Fundamental tool to evaluate and improve usability and user experience in products and systems.

CX Training and Workshops

CX Training and Workshops

​We provide an organization's teams and professionals with the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Loyalty and Retention Studies

Loyalty and Retention Studies

The study is carried out with the purpose of understanding and improving the strategies that an organization uses to maintain its current customers and foster their loyalty over time.

Excellence 360

Request an appointment for a pro-bono mentoring session here

Request an appointment for a pro-bono mentoring session here

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