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Brand and Positioning

Through strategic market research and deep knowledge of industry trends, we collaborate with companies and organizations to enhance their brand and communication strategies.

Estudios de Audiencia, ECAR

TAM Studies

Observation Panels Passive probabilistic (BARC)

We brought together BARC and our experience in statistics and media consumption to create a panel that reflects the population in Latin America and generates indicators at the individual and household level with the most versatile, robust and economical People Meter in the world.

​SDK for TV consumption at home and away from home

Our SDK and partnership with passive measurement experts allow us to estimate TV consumption in and outside the home using fingerprint technology. The representative panel provides indicators at the individual level and is being piloted for a major media industry.

Coincidental studies

​CNC is a specialist in coincidental studies, aimed at measuring a precise period of broadcast, program or slot, once or continuously, representative samples of their respective consumption.

​RPD with more than 80,000 DECOS throughout Colombia (Claro)

​Claro Col. and CNC unite around the largest Return Path Data service in Colombia, with cable and decoder users who represent the socio-demographic conditions of the country. CNC provides experience in generating audience indicators at the household level.

Audience Diaries

CNC has a short-term panel where informants record TV consumption in their home using analog or digital diaries. Offers weekly indicators and estimates per person. Currently in use in the TV industry in Bolivia.

RAM Studies

Radio Consumption SDK

​Our SDK and collaboration with passive measurement experts allow us to estimate radio consumption in and outside the home using fingerprint and watermark technology. The representative panel generates individual-level indicators and is being piloted in a major media industry.

Audience Diaries

CNC can develop a short-term dashboard to record home radio consumption using analog or digital diaries. Provides weekly indicators and estimates per person.

Site Centric Data Census

Our pioneering product uses streaming data to calculate sessions and duration with permission from the media. Tags can also be inserted into the source. This makes it possible to build digital audience dashboards in the sector.

ECAR - remembrance

​CNC has a solid tool for the evaluation by recall of daily radio consumption at the individual level. In the Colombian case, more than 48 households are surveyed annually by telephone to determine said consumption.

Estudios de Audiencia, ECAR, CNC

Competition Observatory

Competition observatory


Provides a comprehensive view of the telecommunications market, including evaluation of trends, competitors and growth opportunities in the sector.



​It provides detailed information and insight into the banking industry, enabling financial institutions, regulators and other market players to understand and adapt to the changes and challenges facing the sector.

Advertising Sector

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