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Rating Colombia | This is how 'Ana de nadie' goes, the most viewed novel in the country; catch up!

Rating Colombia,
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The story of Ana, a 50-year-old woman cheated on by her husband, continues to keep Colombian viewers trapped.

Holy Week ended and this Monday night millions of Colombians will connect again with 'Ana de nadie', the production of Canal RCN that leads the rating as the most watched telenovela in the country.

The story of Ana (Paola Turbay), a woman who has just turned 50 and finds out that her husband has been unfaithful to her for two years, continues to keep Colombian viewers trapped.

Even more now, when the bond between her and Joaquín (Sebastián Carvajal) begins to grow, a young journalist who has become a support for Ana and a second chance after the betrayal of her husband, Horacio (Jorge Enrique Abello). .

However, the relationship between Ana and Joaquín goes through its first test.

In the most recent episode of the telenovela, a newspaper article about a tender in which Horacio participated, written by Joaquín, impacted the professional image of the architect, who confronted Ana over the difficult business situation that triggered the publication of this investigation.

Given this, Ana decides to approach Joaquín at the newspaper she works for, questioning him for allegedly taking advantage of the trust he gave her and at the same time playing with his feelings.

According to the report by the Centro Nacional de Consultoría and Claro, 'Ana de nadie' maintains leadership in the Target Home Rating, which evaluates a sample of 166,895 Observed Homes.

In the other measurement, carried out by Kantar IBOPE Media, 'Ana de nadie' occupied third place last Wednesday, April 5, with 6.24 rating points, although it continues to be the most watched telenovela of the so-called 'prime time'.

In this way, 'Ana de nadie', starring Paola Turbay and Sebastián Carvajal, continues to establish itself as the favorite soap opera of Colombians.

A renowned cast works alongside them, including Jorge Enrique Abello, Luis Velasco, Judy Henríquez, Adriana Arango, Camila Zárate, Adriana Romero, Carlos Báez, Diana Wiswell, Samuel Montalvo, Carmen Rosa Franco, among others.

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