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Why are there two rating measures in Colombia?

One is from Ibope Kantar Media and another is from Claro and CNC.

Why are there two rating measures in Colombia?
Why are there two rating measures in Colombia? | Image taken from

Historically, the rating in Colombia, since before the appearance of the private channels RCN and Caracol in 1998, has been measured by Ibope, today known as Ibope Kantar Media. They, through Focal Meter technology, collect the information that viewers consume at home. The measurement is achieved from two variables: presence (turn on the television) and more time spent. The rating is proportional to the time they remain connected. Currently, 1,100 homes are measured in the country through 2,200 People Meters (meters), distributed in 22 cities and six regions in Colombia. Each rating point, in the prime time slot, from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. represents 280,000 viewers. The Ibope Kantar Media measurement is the one recognized by advertising agencies and advertisers when agreeing on the prices of an advertisement.

The new measurement

In 2022 Claro and the Centro Nacional de Consultoría (CNC) presented a new measurement, which rarely coincides with those provided by Ibope Kantar Media. These records are obtained thanks to the 130,000 decoders in 77,000 homes in Colombia, which have a subscription with that cable operator. This means that it does not take data from other operators such as Tigo, Movistar, Directv or from people who take the signal through DTT. By having different axes and measurement approaches, both results vary greatly and cannot be compared with each other, although there are trends. For example, in both the most watched telenovela is Ana de Nadie, from RCN, and the most watched reality show is La Descarga, from Caracol. Both also agree that Noticias Caracol, at 7:00 p.m., is the news program with the most viewers in the country.

In the other registers there are many differences, for example, in the Claro and the Centro Nacional de Consultoría (CNC) the repetition of La Vendedora de Rosas is the second most watched program in Colombia, while Ibope Kantar Media only appears in ninth place.

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By: Jaime Horacio Arango Duque

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