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What is the opinion of Colombians on the EPS? Survey Noticentro1 CM&

National controversy is unleashed by the future of the health system in Colombia Noticentro 1 CM& commissioned the Centro Nacional de Consultoría a survey on the opinion that Colombians have regarding the EPS, the results coincide with the survey released by Invamer and Andi received serious questioning by President Gustavo Petro.

A national debate has been generated by the health reform project in which the national government is working and for which no document is yet known, but the positions of its authors are.

In the last few hours, Invamer revealed to me the results of a survey on the health sector that was criticized through a trill by President Gustavo Petro.

For example, we can criticize the fact that a survey is carried out with the company whose owners are the family of the founder of the EPS and the private financial intermediation in health and ask the press why it does not tell its users that they have every right to know

Noticentro1 CM& contracted with the Centro Nacional de Consultoría a survey with questions similar to those of Invamer, the objective of the exercise was to know the opinion of citizens about the health system. These are the results of the survey.

When asked, do you have a positive or negative opinion about the health service?

• Positive: 58%

• Negative: 39%

• Does not know does not answer: 3%

In the survey carried out by Invamer, the results for the same question are:

• Excellent: 34%

• Acceptable: 39%

• Bad: 27%

To the question, do you consider that the health service should have adjustments, change it completely or remain the same? the results of the survey commissioned by this newscast showed

• Have some adjustments: 66%

• Change it completely: 21%

• Stay the same: 13%

Invamer's results are:

• Have some adjustments: 58%

• Total change: 32%

• Stay the same: 9%

Finally, do you agree with the elimination of the EPS so that they can be replaced by a government institution?

• Yes: 31%

• No: 63%

and the results of the Invamer survey are:

• Agree: 32%

• Disagree: 63%

Obtaining similar results in both surveys.

Data sheet

Opinion of Colombians on the health reform

Article taken from Noticentro1 CM&

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