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How safe do women feel in the capital?

The police put into operation a special command made up of 500 women to prevent and report cases of violence against women. A day 87 women in Bogotá are victims of violence, this crime is increasing.

2022 closed with 20% more cases, which is why the capital created the purple command.

"In all the stations you will find a woman with this purple patrol button where you can file a complaint, we still have our hotlines 155 and 123."

The command is made up of 500 policewomen, the idea is to prevent violence and facilitate complaints in addition to materializing arrest warrants for non-compliance with restriction measures.

"We invite all women not to remain silent to report any abuse."

How safe do women feel in the capital? CM& contracted a survey with the Centro Nacional de Consultoría.

To the question, are you afraid of walking alone through the streets of Bogotá after 6 in the afternoon?

  • 80% of those consulted answered yes.

  • The 20% who said no.

The place where they feel most insecure is in the public space. The purple command seeks to expedite the reaction and guarantee a rapid response to complaints of gender-based violence or sexual violence.

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