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Online dating, where there are more digital frauds in Colombia

Platforms for this type of relationship have been the stage for criminals to seek victims.

digital fraud in Colombia
Online dating, with more digital fraud in Colombia | Foto: Unsplash taken from

Online dating is very common nowadays and the number of applications dedicated to this are almost limitless. However, they are also a place to be victims of deception and in Colombia they seem the perfect place.

It is expected that by the end of 2022, this type of platform will have revenues of 3.4 billion dollars, since there are currently about 413 million active users worldwide. It opens up a landscape for multiple attacks and fraud.

A study carried out by TransUnión and published by Portafolio recorded that during the first quarter of this year there was a decrease in fraud attempts in Colombia, down 56.4% compared to the previous period. However, virtual dating platforms and forums did have an increase of 57.7%.

Dating app scams

These types of platforms have a high probability of deception called catfishing, in which one person impersonates another, which is why it was a modality that increased by 243%, using false photos and incorrect information. So you can easily meet people who are not real and hence unleash bank robberies or more serious crimes.

Parallel to this, the National Consulting Center assured that at least 47% of Colombians have ever used a dating application, and that 83% have made an appointment outside the platform.

That is why some key tips are: do not give the WhatsApp number, send intimate photos, personal information, addresses or in general confidential data without first seeing that the relationship takes much more seriousness or there is the certainty that the other person is well known.

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