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Qatar enters the list of hosts eliminated in the first round

Qatar enters the list of hosts eliminated in the first round
Qatar enters the list of hosts eliminated in the first round | Image taken from

The first eliminated from the Qatar 2022 World Cup is precisely its host, who after falling 3-1 against Senegal and the draw between the Netherlands and Ecuador, has no mathematical chance of qualifying for the second round. A fact presented only once before in history when in 2010 South Africa organized the World Cup and came last in a not easy group along with Uruguay, Mexico and France. For their part, the Dutch and Ecuadorians, leaders of group A, continue with a very acceptable image of performance and are positioned as favorites to advance to the next round, 95% and 57% chances respectively. Instead, their stock options decline to 6.1% and 0.8%. But it is good to keep in mind that it is a road so far in its first sections and present are several countries with weighty arguments to position themselves as favorites such as France, Spain and Brazil. The Netherlands has been a finalist three times and has had squads of an unbeatable level on several occasions, but in a matter of probabilities the most important element is the performance within the field of play where the factors that influence are diverse (physical, mental, , strategy, climate, public, etc). Thus, the probability percentages of winning a match, phase or competition must be considered under a complete scenario so that a bet has the freedom to place itself anywhere in the probability, that is, for example, favoring the victory of Mexico. against Argentina, although the favoritism is with the South Americans (45% ARG, 35% MEX 20% draw). The complete scenario is the one that evaluates the impact on the albiceleste of what happened in his debut against Saudi Arabia. But today's day had another important element and it was the second outing for England that drew 0-0 with the United States, remaining in first place in a group that is beginning to be perceived on a par with Iran's surprise victory over Wales (0-2 ). England's options to advance to the phase are almost 100% and the debate that it generates around whether it will fight for the title leans in its favor with a rise to 8.5%, the fourth country with the most title options.


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