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Survey: What Colombians think of Petro's cabinet

Centro Nacional de Consultoría measured support for the names of the president's cabinet.

Perception of the Cabinet of President Gustavo Petro
The appointments made by President Gustavo Petro were measured in a survey. PHOTO: EL TIEMPO

A survey by the Centro Nacional de Consultoría for the CM& newscast measured for the first time the opinion of Colombians about President Gustavo Petro's ministerial team.

Four hundred Colombians were consulted by telephone in the main cities of the country.

46 percent responded that they agree with the appointments made by the president. 8% responded that they disapprove of the names, while a large sector, 33%, stated that they "have uncertainty" about the cabinet.

The percentage corresponding to "does not know-does not answer" was 13%.

By cities, Bogotá gave the highest approval, with 55%, followed by Barranquilla, with 52%. Then there are Cali, with 51%, Medellín, with 40% and Bucaramanga, which accounted for 31%.

The city with the highest level of disapproval was Barranquilla, with 13%, followed by Bucaramanga, stronghold of former presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández, with 9%, a percentage identical to that of Medellín. Bogotá and Cali accounted for 6 and 4 percent, respectively.

By gender, the percentages of support are very similar: 47% men and 46% women.

The sample from the Centro Nacional de Consultoría reveals that young people between 18 and 25 years old are the population group that most supports Petro's appointments, with 67 percent.

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