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Consultation: Change of cabinet of ministers in Colombia

Most Colombians view the changes made by President Gustavo Petro in his cabinet as negative. Survey of the Centro Nacional de Consultoría for NotiCentro 1 CM&.

The survey of the Centro Nacional de Consultoría for NotiCentro 1 CM&, asked Colombians their opinion on the 7 new ministers in President Petro's cabinet.

To the question. Do you know or have you heard of the changes of ministers that the president made?

  • I did know them: 58%

  • Does not know them: 40%

  • Don't know, no answer: 2%.

To the question, do you think that the changes of ministers made by the president are positive or negative for the country?

  • Positive 31%

  • negative, 42%

  • Do not know not answer. 27%

Among the outgoing ministers is Carolina Corcho, Minister of Health.

Does she agree or disagree with her leaving?

Agree: 47%.

disagree 27%

Don't know, no answer: 26%.

This is the technical sheet of the survey.

Technical sheet, public opinion survey on the change of the Cabinet of Ministers in Colombia.

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