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Creating a company in Colombia, an almost impossible mission: What are the real reasons?

In Colombia, more than half of the entrepreneurs consider that the country does not offer the best conditions to start a business.

Crear empresa en Colombia, una misión casi imposible: ¿Cuáles son las verdaderas razones?
Creating a company in Colombia, an almost impossible mission: What are the real reasons? | Image taken from

A survey carried out by the Business Laboratory of the Universidad del Rosario, the Centro Nacional de Consultoría and El Tiempo Casa Editorial revealed the problems that most affect businessmen in Colombia.

The survey "The voice of companies in Colombia, a dialogue with society", which interviewed 1,002 businessmen at the national level from all economic sectors and from large, medium, small and micro companies, allowed for the first time to see revealing results on Colombian companies, their relationship with society and with the Government, as well as what they represent for the country, according to Alejandro Cheyne, rector of the Universidad del Rosario.

In the report, 58% of those surveyed think that Colombia is one of the countries with the worst conditions for creating and growing a business and only 19% believe that it is one of the best. Despite this scenario, 27% see the country as one of the most innovative nations and 23% as one of the best in knowledge management.

Main problems of the business sector

Based on the responses of the businessmen, the survey inquired about the main problems facing companies at this time:

• High taxes: 59%

• Input prices: 31%

• Get trained staff: 31%

• Interest rates: 28%

• The reduction in sales: 28%

• Lack of credit: 26%

• Have technology and/or machinery to compete: 24%

Results that coincide with the most recent blog presented by the National Federation of Merchants (Fenalco) called: Growing concerns about labor, which highlights, among other things, that companies are having difficulties finding employees.

In fact, Fenalco revealed that 59% of the businessmen consulted in a survey claimed to have difficulties filling vacancies for four reasons:

1. They cannot find the people with the required skills and knowledge, 36%

2. The applicant does not want to meet conventional schedules 26%

3. The salary offered is not useful to the applicant, 24%

4. The applicant does not like that the work is face-to-face and prefers not to accept the position, 14%

On the other hand, by economic sector, the main problems are:

• Oil: high taxes and reduced sales

• Mining: paperwork and having technology and/or machinery to compete

• Livestock: input prices and having technology and/or machinery to compete

• Tourism: high taxes and reduced sales

• Infrastructure: high taxes and get trained staff

• Trade: high taxes and reduced sales.

The report highlighted that in order to achieve an equitable country, employers believe that the groups where job opportunities should be prioritized are young people (51%) and women (51%), followed by peasants (21%) and people with disability (19%).

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By: Laura Carvajal García

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