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France, will the champion defend his title?

France, will the champion defend his title?
France, will the champion defend his title? | Image taken from

The World Cup already has its first team classified to the second round and it is the current champion of the competition, France. After beating Denmark 2-1 today, the European team took an important step towards their main objective, to defend their title, for which they are positioned as the second favorite after Brazil. And it is that the French team has already overcome the "curse" of the last decades that says that the champion of the tournament does not go beyond the first phase of the next edition. A fact no less for any bettor. Now, on the sporting level, the team shows itself in continuity with its process, which is why the same dynamic, fast and forceful squad from Russia 2018 is perceived. It has new names, but all integrated into the team's philosophy. Physical performance, mentality and results give him all the credentials to position himself in the list of candidates to lift the cup. Its percentage of possibilities to achieve the highest distinction is 11.5%, while Brazil reaches 13.8%. For its part, Argentina managed to calm down its fans and with a 2-0 victory over Mexico it gives the sensation of getting into the rhythm of the competition. Group C has been quite even and with chances of qualifying for everyone: Poland leads with their victory today against Saudi Arabia 2-0 the percentage of odds, so it has 86%, followed by Argentina with 64%, Arabia S. 33% and Mexico 16%. The classification table has the same order and the distribution of points is 4, 3, 3 and 1. By: CNC

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