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Insecurity, mobility and unemployment: what worries Bogotanos the most

In a survey carried out by the Centro Nacional de Consultoría for 'La Luciérnaga' of Caracol Radio and Red+Noticias, it was evidenced that insecurity is what most worries the capital today.

Opinion Survey of Red más and La Luciernaga
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This Tuesday, August 15, La Luciérnaga from Caracol Radio, Red+ Noticias and the Centro Nacional de Consultoría published a public opinion survey that reveals how insecurity, with 62.2%, is the issue that most worries Bogota residents.

According to this survey, which was carried out in the 20 towns of the capital, 63.5% of those surveyed or a family member were the victim of some act of insecurity or crime in the last six months.

The localities most affected by this scourge are Ciudad Bolívar with 77.8%; Bosa with 73.9%; Go up with 66.8%; and Usme with 64.7%; and Rafael Uribe Uribe with 64.6%.

The other issues that cause the greatest concern among the inhabitants of the capital are the increase in prices in their neighborhoods, mobility and unemployment.

Metro and Green Corridor

The survey also made it possible to show how 65.7% of citizens agree to maintain the elevated metro for Bogotá, as

However, in relation to the support of citizens for the Corredor Vede project for the seventh race, the support is lower with 58.8% of those surveyed.

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