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'One-click millionaire': Baloto enables a new online shopping channel

In its first year of concession, the Operador Nacional de Juegos SAS launched another sales method through the Internet. We tell you how to play.

'One-click millionaire': Baloto enables a new online shopping channel
'One-click millionaire': Baloto enables a new online shopping channel | Image taken from

After its first year in charge of the operation and administration of Baloto in Colombia, the National Games Operator (ONJ) ​​enabled a new online channel for the purchase of the game, available from July 12 in all application stores for devices mobile.

“We are very happy to launch the purchase of Baloto Revancha through its new online sales channel. Our objective is to offer the best experience for users. This channel comes to reinforce and commercially complement the sale of Baloto Revancha, targeting a young and digital audience that we seek to retain, as well as those who wish to buy without leaving home. Operador Nacional de Juegos completed one year of operation, achieving one of its great objectives, to have an additional channel and thus expand the availability of the product at any time and place," said Orlando Moreno Angulo, General Manager of Operador Nacional de Juegos (ONJ).

One click away from being a billionaire

As of May 25, 2023, Baloto Revancha users can buy their game ticket on the website at the same price as physical points. Baloto has a value of 5,700 pesos and with Rematch 7,800 pesos.

However, from this July 12, 2023 the application will also be available in the App Store and Play Store.

To be able to play Baloto Rematch online, you just have to follow these four simple steps:

1. Register on the website ( and enter "Bet Here" and complete the form with the data.

2. Once registered, you can login and place the bet.

3. Make the payment of the bet safely through the payment methods available on the platform.

4. You will receive an email with the digital ticket and be attentive to the results of the draw.

Balance of his first year

In the balance of its first year of concession of the game, ONJ also highlighted that Baloto Revancha has delivered more than $110,000 million in prizes to more than 2 million winners, thus fulfilling the dream of 5 new billionaires in Colombia.

“We had a really successful year. We started operations on May 25 of the previous year, we continue to maintain Baloto as the first brand of games of luck and chance in the top of mind of Colombians, according to the latest market study carried out by the Centro Nacional de Consultoría in April 2023," said Orlando Moreno Angulo.

Moreno added that “our sales exceeded $164,000 million pesos and we have delivered an impressive number of prizes, $110,471 million pesos to more than 2 million winners, fulfilling the desire to turn more people into billionaires. We sell through more than 45 thousand points of sale of Su Red and Super GIROS in all municipalities of the country. We have new challenges for this new year of operation, including launching a new game or additional mechanics for the second semester, which will help generate more contributions to the health of Colombians."

Contributions to health

In this same period of time, Baloto Revancha contributed $42,742 million to the health of Colombians. The brand also strengthens its responsible gaming messages. The General Manager of ONJ affirms: "We are proud to contribute to the investment in health in the country, we are also focused on the growth of the product, but at the same time we understand that we have a responsibility with our users, we offer information on the responsible way of playing . For the National Games Operator (ONJ) ​​it is vital that those who buy Baloto understand that there must be financial limits on the amounts they dedicate to this and all games of luck and chance”.

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