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Online purchases with digital wallets grow in Colombia

The country registers a 37% increase in the use of digital wallets for the acquisition of products.

Digital purchases grow in Colombia
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Digital wallets in Colombia are in a moment of growth. The pandemic caused consumers to turn to new payment methods for their face-to-face and digital purchases; At this point, platforms such as Nequi, Daviplata or Movii achieved an increase in their number of users.

These digital wallets gained strength as a result of the pandemic where they migrated to new forms of payment both in businesses and in government entities that implemented them to deliver subsidies.

According to Colombia Fintech, digital wallets such as Daviplata, Nequi, Tpaga, or Movii had an annual increase of 195% in relation to the money traded through these platforms in the year 2021.

However, its use must be done with care, so it is important to take into account certain practices that will optimize and provide you with more security when using it.

  • Do not give your access code to the application.

  • Be sure to download the official application of your financial institution-for this you can look for it on the official page of each banking institution or each wallet.

  • Do not leave your passwords written down in visible places.

  • Use a different key than the rest of your applications.

  • In the event of losing your mobile device, contact the entity immediately.

“Speaking of digital wallets is also talking about digital transformation and new ways of making purchases, it is for this reason that cybersecurity plays an important role in preventing fraud and increasing digital purchases that guarantee users greater confidence in the time to carry out online transactions”, says Pilar Castellanos from Infobip.

A survey carried out by the Superintendencia Financiera and Banca de las Oportunidades and applied by the Centro Nacional de Consultoría between April and May of this year, indicates that 47% of the population interviewed have savings accounts in traditional banks, but they do use of digital wallets more frequently.

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By Nicolás Silva


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