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CNC survey: "Petro's speech divides", says the majority of Colombians

Speech by President Gustavo Petro, Reforms
Image taken from Noticentro 1 CM&

Public opinion mostly considers that President Gustavo Petro's speech about what could happen if his reforms are not approved divides the country.

The Centro Nacional de Consultoría conducted a survey for Noticentro 1 CM& in the five main cities of the country with the opinion of Colombians on the presidential intervention.

These are the results:

1) Do you consider that President Petro's speech yesterday was positive or negative for the country?

  • Positive: 41%.

  • Negative: 35%.

  • Don't know/No: 24%.

2). Do you consider that this discourse unites or divides Colombians?

  • Unite Colombians: 29%.

  • Divide Colombians: 51%.

  • Don't know/No: 20%.

Data sheet

Technical Sheet President's Speech, Reforms

Article taken from noticentro1 CM&

By Carlos Ruiz

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