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Bogotá, 3 de mayo de 2023

The Centro Nacional de Consultoría as an operator of the ECAR (Continuous Study of Radio Audience) since 2008 and a company certified in the ISO 9001, ISO 20252 standards, it is allowed to communicate that: About the Confidential published in your medium today titled “The FM goes to all. It is only 40 thousand listeners of Caracol Radio and Blu in prime time from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. meter. The W dots”, we must clarify that the data used in it, are of confidential distribution, they were only delivered to six members of the technical committee.

These numbers are confidential because they do not yet have the technical conditions to be distributed as results to the market, they lack sample size and coverage. These two characteristics are achieved with the accumulation of the sample over the course of four months and the numbers to which Semana refers cover less than 25% of the sample designed for the market. Why are we generating these results if they do not yet have the necessary reliability? Our technical committee meets twice a month to find out how the investigation is progressing, it is the way we have arranged to guarantee that it is operating under the established technical and quality conditions.

Taking into account what is cited in this document, I ask you to warn your readers that these ECAR numbers are preliminary and not conclusive, and respectfully request that you use the consolidated results every four months under the designed technical standards in your publications. Sincerely,

Fabricio Alarcón Jiménez

Vice President of Brand and Media

Comunicado prensa ECAR (2)
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