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Looking for a partner?: This is the safe dating 'app' that has just arrived in Colombia

Inner Circle promises its users a series of filters to guarantee risk-free online dating.

App de citas
Are you looking for a partner?: This is the safe dating 'app' that has just arrived in Colombia | Image taken from

The search for an ideal partner has successfully moved to the digital world and proof of this is that 46% of Colombians have used a dating application to meet new people, according to a study conducted by GoDaddy Registry and the Centro Nacional de Consultoría in 2021.

In an encouraging scenario, the Inner Circle 'app' has arrived in Colombia with a strong proposal in security and in generating real bonds between people. “We are very pleased and excited to start our operation in Colombia, seeking to provide singles in the country with the dating app they need and are looking for. For them, we have set up a safe environment for people who have shown a great interest in meeting in a real space and outside of virtuality” says Masha Kodden, CEO of Inner Circle. They explain that, for this, Inner Circle has developed a platform in which users can connect reliably, and that the time they interact in the app is guaranteed to pay off.

The characteristics of Inner Circle

App de citas
Are you looking for a partner?: This is the safe dating 'app' that has just arrived in Colombia | Image taken from

The application arrives in Colombia with a proposal supported by three pillars. The first of these prioritizes security as an element that prevents interactions with fake profiles or scammers. It is also a paid dating app, ensuring that members take dating seriously. And a third, focused on the development of events in which meetings can be established in controlled and safe environments. As explained in a statement, the application, from the first moment in which users create their profile, requires providing quality images and 100 percent real information. An element with which, in addition, users can learn more about the people with whom they could have a rapprochement. Once a member submits the application for membership, the Inner Circle Machine Learning system begins a process of studying the person's profile. For this, variants are taken into account such as: social networks, veracity of the images and the location of the IP. The information is sent to the international support and verification team, who analyze the alerts generated by the algorithm, against profiles with a high potential for fraud or falsehood. “Inner Circle is an app that never lets its guard down when it comes to security. A fundamental element to promote a better experience and peace of mind when our members interact with the application. We seek to offer greater reliability so that users do not give up papaya in situations that put their integrity at risk” completes Masha Kodden, CEO of Inner Circle. “We have come to Colombia with a proposal with which our users must pay to access our features. We have understood that this is a very important differential, as it guarantees that people and members of our community take the interaction with dating platforms more seriously. Likewise, it is a factor that generates an invisible barrier against possible interactions with undesirable people such as scammers or profiles that may be false”, Kodden considers. Inner Circle, through its Freemium model, offers its users a free period in the first instance that they can later extend by acquiring a membership that will allow access to all the features and events of the platform.

From screen to reality

To promote a better dynamic of approaches with members of the community, they promote more real meetings. They are elements that respond to the Dare to philosophy, with which it is encouraged to improve the dating dynamics. There singles can meet new people and have fun in a safe and controlled environment. For this, people will be able to enter the "discover" section of the application, where the activities and events that will take place in different parts of the world have been registered. They say that their model has been a success, since so far they have held about 500 events, which have been attended by about 65,000 people in cities such as London, Milan, Paris, São Paulo and Buenos Aires. Likewise, within the app, users will find tips on how they can risk making better dates. For this, the application has integrated the 'Places' section, in which those interested will be able to know the places, restaurants or bars that they can visit on their first date.

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