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Rating in Colombia on April 12: the production of RCN that promises a romp

Snail trembles again. Won't the 'Challenge' be enough?

'Ana de Nadie' continues to be the most viewed novel at night by Colombians and the results of Kantar IBOPE and the Centro Nacional de Consultoría regarding its rating confirm what has been said. For viewers who enjoy watching the development of this story, it has been time to pick it up after the days off of Easter.

The two official rating meters in Colombia place it as the favorite of prime time. So there is no doubt about the reception that this production has every night.

The rating speaks for itself

The Centro Nacional de Consultoría in conjunction with the Claro company showed in its measurements that 'Ana de Nadie' is not only the most watched soap opera on Colombian nights, but also the number 1 prime time production, scoring 10.87.

For its part, IBOPE, the oldest measurer of Colombian television, reported that the production of Canal RCN is the telenovela with the highest audience and the second most watched program at night with a score of 7.65 per person and 16.05 per household.

Reasons why Ana de nadie is sweeping

A very well adapted story together with a first class cast have been the perfect synergy for this production of the RCN channel to have won the hearts of night viewers.

Among the reasons why its rating has it as the favorite Colombian novel, these are some that have been highlighted by various media outlets:

  • 'Ana de nadie' is based on 'Señora Isabel', which Mónica Agudelo and Bernardo Romero Pereiro wrote for four hands in 1993 and which, at the time, was a success.

  • From the hand of Jimena Romero and Gilma Peña and adapted by Romero and María J. Acero, the story shows a woman of these days who will end up in love with a man 15 years younger than her, after her husband leaves her for a young woman. and beautiful architect. This makes it a current and interesting account of a love story, without falling into kitsch.

  • Ana's character is close. The charisma of the actress Paola Turbay shows in a real way a 50-year-old woman, beautiful and in charge of her home who is also intelligent and nice, and an architect by profession who, despite having decided not to pursue her career to take care of her family, shows very well this professional environment.

  • The characterization of the characters, such as Adriana Arango and Adriana Romero, Violeta and Genoveva, respectively (Ana's two best friends), and Laura Archbold, as Adelaida, the lover of Horacio Valenzuela, Ana's husband (Jorge Enrique Abello), have counted with the approval of the viewers for his good performance.

‘Ana de nadie’ also has a beautiful photograph, a very well written script.

It is a production that is dedicated to women and the feminine power that each Colombian woman faces.

In this way, 'Ana de nadie' shows with each installment that this type of love story continues to attract despite the passage of time.

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