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Social networks, television or press? This is how Colombians inform themselves

The pandemic established new habits of audiovisual consumption and now people mix the content of traditional channels with social networks.

How Colombians get informed
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The latest report by Reuters Institute Digital News analyzed how Colombians inform themselves and which are the media they use the most to do so. The results obtained show that, for every ten people, eight use the internet as their preferred space to consume news content, generally through the cell phone, used by 81%, followed by the computer, with 34% and the Tablet, with 7 %.

Regarding social networks, 72% of audiences use the channel as a means of information; This is the case of Facebook, the most used network, with 65% of users, followed by WhatsApp, with 40% participation, and finally YouTube, with 34%. Instagram and Twitter follow on the list.

Taking into account the tendency of people to consume news through social networks, traditional media have extended their reach to the digital environment.

Fabricio Alarcón, media vice president of the Centro Nacional de Consultoria, CNC, referred to this phenomenon and explained that "new practices began to be combined with traditional uses of the media." According to Alarcón, the pandemic established habits of intensive audiovisual consumption, and now people mix traditional content from traditional channels with social networks.

What about television?

According to the report, television continues to retain its audiences and is now "a complementary medium." This medium, in its news spectrum, is consumed by 55% of Colombians. As for printed news, it is consumed by 28% of Colombians and the percentage is expected to continue growing, since compared to 2021, the number of people who read written content grew by four percentage points.

The results continue to make these informative spaces an attractive scenario for advertising, with investments that in 2021 exceeded 4.2 billion, and so far in 2022, amount to $1 billion.

Regarding operating income, Caracol television led the profits in 2012 with $877,481 million, followed by Disney with $575,710 million, and RCN Television in third place, with $473,199 million.

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