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Sandra Hernández, the official of the conservatives to the Governorate

Sandra Hernández, the official of the conservatives to the Governorate
Sandra Hernández, the official of the conservatives to the Governorate | Image taken from

The deputy remains firm in her candidacy for the Governor of Huila and it is a fact that she achieved the endorsement of the Conservative party. She will be the only woman in the bid for the most important position in the department.

Although she has not yet resigned from the Huila Assembly, deputy Sandra Hernández has been working for several months on her aspiration for the Departmental Governorship and that bustle has borne the first fruits.

It is a fact that the Conservative Party, with the consent of its leaders in the region, will publicly endorse him in an act that will take place in the coming days in Neiva. The woman was able to unseat other possible candidates such as 'Pipe Losada' (Jaime Felipe Lozada), who was a representative to the Chamber for Huila and burned in the last legislative elections; when the application of Esperanza Andrade also failed.

In the opite region, the conservatives are going through the worst moment in their history. The community bets hard to stay with the Governorate after his letter in the last regional elections did not achieve that dream and was the second most voted; Carlos Ramiro Chavarro.

In addition, they will not have a candidate for the Neiva Mayor's Office because, instead, they would co-endorse Germán Gasagua, and they would not have a single list for the Municipal Council either.

Sandra Hernández aspires to be "the first woman in the history of Huila who will be governor for the entire constitutional period," and give a new air of union and strength to her community. Next week he will resign from the Assembly, reported his press officer.

Who is it?

Among the political milestones of the pre-candidate, the following stand out. In 2008 she was elected by popular vote as a member of the departmental board of the Conservative Party. In October 2011, she was elected deputy for Huila with 8,125 votes, the first vote for women in the corporation. In October 2015, he renewed his seat with the first vote of the Conservative Party with 10,568 votes. And for the constitutional period 2020 - 2023, it obtained 19,999 votes, the highest in the history of the corporation, "thus achieving, during three periods, carrying out several ordinance projects of great importance for the department," he stressed.

It also stands out because in 2015, the Observatorio Ciudadano Concejo y Asamblea Visible awarded her the distinction as the Best Deputy of the Department, she also managed to be elected in 2018 unanimously by the plenary, as the fourth female president in the history of the Departmental Assembly.

Academically, she is a public accountant by profession from the Surcolombiana University, a specialist in public administration from the Antonio Nariño University, a specialist in territorial government and public management and is currently a candidate for a master's degree in territorial government and public management from the Javeriana University.

Laboyana is the daughter of Jeremías Hernández Reina (RIP), a coffee grower by profession, and María Trinidad Rincón Marín, a housewife. He has three siblings: Nelly Esperanza, Nini Johana and Juan Carlos Hernández Rincón. She is married to Hernán Mauricio Parra and is the mother of Julián Santiago.

In the Great Regional Survey of the Centro Nacional de Consultoría for LA NACIÓN published a month ago, on June 10, had the third highest voting intention with 7%.

The other candidates

Edwin Valencia from the Centro Democrático party, Rodrigo Villalba from the Liberal party and Paulino Galindo Yustres from the Pacto Histórico coalition, are firm in their aspiration for the Governor of Huila.

Likewise, Álvaro Medina Villareal, Jesús Méndez Artunduada, Juan Carlos González and Jorge Polanía sound. On the other hand, Rodrigo Lara has not yet decided.

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By: Caterin Manchola

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