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46% of Colombians trust newspapers more tan other media

Despite the progress of social networks as a public information tool, in Colombia its citizens still trust newspapers more.

Trust in the media

According to the study 'Perceptions and Use of the Internet in Colombia 2022' conducted by PuntoCO Internet (GoDaddy Registry) in partnership with the Centro Nacional de Consultoría, Colombians trust traditional media more than social networks.

This finding makes more sense when it was found that 9 out of 10 respondents attribute fake news to social networks. Similarly, the most reliable medium, after newspapers in Colombia, is the radio, surpassing even televisión news.

It was also found that 40% of Colombians visit the web pages of news sites several times a day, while 22% of them do so only once. By the way, the study is available for free at this Link.



By Jorge Hernández

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