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AI, neuroscience and technology, great allies to avoid business risks

AI, neuroscience and technology, great allies to avoid business risks | Image taken from

With the presence of the Ministry of ICT, government entities and experts in the field of business risks, the Forum Compliance_V-Digital transformation will be held; a space where public and private organizations will learn how they can prevent risks, protect their reputation and generate a culture of regulatory compliance.

Do you know how organizations use technology to ensure innovative global or local compliance standards?

The answer to this question and others will be developed during the fifth edition of the Forum Compliance_V-Digital Transformation- where national and foreign experts will address topics such as: the 10 non-compliance errors in cybersecurity; the risks of neurotechnology and cognitive freedom; the new trends in asset laundering and its response from financial intelligence; the present and future of Compliance in gambling and Artificial Intelligence in the regulation of personal data processing, among others.

In the framework of this event, the First Edition of the America Compliance Award will be presented, for which entities with a presence in Colombia that have excelled and innovated in the implementation and promotion of a culture of regulatory compliance applied. and good business and public ethical practices such as: the Government of Antioquia, the Institute of Urban Development IDU, Metro Line 1 S.A.S, the District Legal Secretariat of Bogotá; the Digital University Institution of Antioquia and the UAE Fire Department of Bogotá.

The Forum will take place at the facilities of the Modern Gymnasium Cultural Center, in Bogotá, on May 24, 25 and 26 with the motto: The digital transformation of Compliance, which implies an emphasis on how organizations use technology to ensure innovative compliance standards.

“More than an event, Compliance_V will offer a practical and commercial experience, so that companies and organizations recognize the benefits of digital transformation and technologies in Compliance processes”, says Juan Carlos Moncada, president of América Compliance - Compco.

He also added that “great experts from all specialties will meet in person and virtually, who will help to understand the routes for this transformation in an innovative, effective and functional way, for an audience of more than 300 people in which the capacity is estimated”.

During the three days, topics will be covered in green compliance, trade compliance, public compliance, tax compliance, data protection compliance, antitrust compliance and other branches ranging from regulatory issues such as LA/FT, through the use of data, big data , AI and information security, to the management and monitoring of ESG criteria through technological means.

In addition, for the first time, the Centro Nacional de Consultoría, CNC , will deliver measurement results regarding the appropriation of Compliance in Colombian organizations.

Likewise, other experts will talk about guidelines, technical regulations and global standards in compliance management systems.

Officials from the Ministry of Information Technology will be present, as well as government representatives, including: Saúl Kattan, Presidential Advisor on Digital Transformation and Chairman of the Ecopetrol Board of Directors; Luis Carlos Reyes, Director of the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs - DIAN, Wilman Camargo Durán, deputy director of Strategic Analysis of the Information and Financial Analysis Unit - UIAF and Marcello Lenca, professor of ethics in Artificial Intelligence and neuroscience, among others.

In the past, the forum has been held in Cartagena, Cali, Medellín and Panama City. An event that undoubtedly promotes and strengthens the culture of regulatory compliance in companies and organizations based in Colombia.

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