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The National Consulting Center reinvents audience measurement

A cloud-based technological implementation will radically improve the efficiency of audience measurement processes in Colombia and other countries.

The National Consulting Center reinvents audience measurement
The National Consulting Center reinvents audience measurement | Image taken from

In this age of scramble for attention, traditional measurement methods may be insufficient to deeply understand the preferences of more than 50 million viewers. For this reason, the Centro Nacional de Consultoría (CNC) started a digital transformation process to improve its measurements. The new audience measurement system devised by the National Consulting Center left behind the special devices installed in homes. Instead, it used the two-way communication capabilities found in most modern cable TV set-top boxes to extract real-time, granular information on audience behaviors.

Each interaction of a viewer with their decoder generates information that reaches a central database and leaves a record as detailed as the time the decoder was turned on or the second this household changed channels. It allows us to understand how many people watch a certain program, what is their permanence time, at what point do they abandon that programming and which channel do they choose instead. All this data is collected by CNC Ratings to structure it, interpret it and then project it into graphs that adapt to the needs of each client. Microsoft provides the key technologies for this process, such as the Azure cloud service and Power BI visualizations, the company reported.

CNC Ratings carried out a first pilot in Bogotá through one of the cable television operators, which represented an important exploration exercise, but still without the national reach that it intended. Convinced of the enormous value of this information, the cable television operator with the largest participation in the country – which serves almost half of pay TV households – allowed it to expand this measurement spectrum not only in quantity but also in geographic coverage. Thus, the observation of consumption habits went from measuring just over 1,000 homes to taking the pulse of 85,000 homes, and from studying 22 to 117 municipalities in the country. CNC Ratings continues to grow rapidly and will measure 150,000 homes in the first half of this year.

Although streaming platforms and changes in audiovisual consumption habits have caused a disruption in the industry, traditional television is still essential for Colombians. More than 10 million households have access to open television and 6.3 million have subscription television, a service that continued to grow in 2022. According to the Reuters Institute Digital News Report, 55 percent of Colombians still consume news through television and, according to local reports, more than 87 percent of households in Colombia watch television in one day.

In-depth knowledge of viewers is essential for the success of the television industry in the face of on-demand audiovisual consumption. Information is valuable, and metrics help advertisers make informed decisions about where, when, and how much to spend on advertising. It is also an accurate guide to determine which channel to invest in and to justify the differences in fees between channels.

For companies in the sector, such as channels and content producers, measurements provide them with tools to design their programming and negotiate with advertisers based on real and timely information. In addition, this information makes it possible to identify trends and consumption patterns by viewers to better understand them, improve the content and attract more viewers.

The digital transformation of the CNC demonstrates the importance of data in an increasingly interconnected world, but above all the immense value they gain if they are managed and interpreted with the support of robust, reliable and secure tools. “This is a very clear example of how technology has a democratizing effect: the fact that a television channel can show numbers and audience to specific customers makes it relevant in the market, gives it a voice that was not previously had. That is very valuable for a number of channels, regions and audiences that, because they were not counted, navigated in the dark or had no programming. Today they have it, as well as numbers, which allows them to enter the business and charge what the same market rates”, indicated Carlos E Lemoine, director of Centro Nacional de Consultoría.

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