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Hot air balloons: Rodrigo Lara's strategy to restore security to Bogotá

The candidate for mayor of Bogotá spoke about the strategy he will use to combat the insecurity that worries citizens so much.

Rodrigo Lara para devolverle la seguridad a Bogotá
Hot air balloons: Rodrigo Lara's strategy to restore security to Bogotá | Image taken from

A survey of the Centro Nacional de Consultoría (CNC) for Red+ Noticias and La Luciérnaga from Caracol Radio shows that insecurity continues to be the biggest concern of the inhabitants of Bogotá.

In the interview 'Without Anesthesia' broadcast by said media, Rodrigo Lara Restrepo, an independent candidate for the Bogotá Mayor's Office, explained what his work dynamics will be to face the difficult situation faced by ordinary citizens.

For the candidate, it is important to make up for the lack of foot strength in Bogotá, in order to generate a first line of peaceful security because:

"We have 16,500 policemen, less than in 2017, we have lost almost 4,000 policemen in four years. The foot of force is absolutely insufficient, and in Bogotá there are 80,000 retired policemen and soldiers, I want to link these men to form fronts of security. Rodrigo Lara, candidate for mayor of Bogotá"

The lawyer proposes that each retired police and military officer in Bogotá must form a security front that will link up with the residents of the blocks to report any criminal activity.

"The criminal can know that we are going to do intelligence, that we are going to know who he is, what his name is and if he is a foreigner we are going to cross-check with databases on social networks. Because we are going to take care of people. Rodrigo Lara"

Likewise, the candidate proposes that if he wins the mayoralty, he will incorporate the police and retired military into the administration so that they collaborate with the security of the city, "managing drones and hot air balloons to monitor the crime headquarters where the drug stores are, the pique houses, and where they take the stolen cell phone parts, which are in the Santa Fe, La Estanzuela and La Favorita sectors," Lara mentioned in the interview.

It is worth mentioning that the candidate within his political campaign has highlighted the idea of ​​Batman and Gotham City.

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By: Camila Castillo

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