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The importance of companies

The results of the First Great Survey called "The voice of companies in Colombia, a dialogue with society", presented within the framework of the celebration of the 370 years of the University of Rosary beads.

According to this study, prepared by the Universidad del Rosario, El Tiempo and the Centro Nacional de Consultoría, of the 84% of Colombians who have had the idea of starting their own business or creating a company, 72% tried to take this idea to a reality. However, of this population, less than 50% were successful, which shows that creating a business in the country is a complex matter.

The survey specifically indicates that where most attempts are made to create a business is in the Caribbean region (Barranquilla, Cartagena, Riohacha, Sabanalarga, Santa Rosa del Sur, San Jacinto and Galeras) with 76%. It is followed by the central east of the country (Bucaramanga, Neiva, Yopal, Fusagasugá, Sogamoso, Duitama, Soacha and San Vicente de Chucurí) with 73%, and Bogotá, with 71%. The regions where people fail the most to set up their business are Bogotá (65%), the center east of the country (56%) and Antioquia and the Coffee Region (48%).

The survey also brings a preponderant figure in the current situation of the country. Most of those consulted see Ecopetrol as the company that can further mark the economic growth of the country. Almost 60% also hope that there will be a more harmonious work of the companies with the universities and the State, with the purpose of creating wealth for all.

Companies are the engine of the country however they generate employment and income and people see it that way. In fact, the spirit of entrepreneurship is present. For this reason, it is essential that governments direct all their actions to promote the creation of companies, strengthen existing businesses and stimulate investment. A country without natural sources of employment is doomed to hunger and poverty.

In the case of Neiva, the inhabitants know how bad they had it when the city had the highest levels of unemployment due to the pandemic and the road blocks of 2021. This episode should make it clear to us how important companies are.

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