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Trust in companies

Colombians express respect and recognition for business activity and its social contribution.

Confianza en las empresas

Last week the launch of the Colombian Business Laboratory was carried out, a project of the Universidad del Rosario, the Centro Nacional de Consultoría and EL TIEMPO to investigate the relationship between companies and Colombian society. In order to meet this objective, that day the results of the first measurement of the Great Survey on Business Climate, which is part of the academic initiative, were presented.

The x-ray of the perceptions of citizens regarding business reflects an important base of support and recognition. First of all, trust and admiration define the way Colombians relate to the companies they work with and to the business world in general. While 72 percent admire "totally and very much" the company where they work, 66 percent admire and respect companies. In fact, 79 percent trust companies and 73 percent trust businessmen, even in the midst of the recent growth of hostile speeches against the contribution of the private sector to Colombian society. These figures are even more remarkable when compared with the confidence levels of the Catholic Church –63 percent– or even the Presidency of the Republic –42 percent–. Furthermore, the minority of Colombians – 29 percent – ​​consider that companies receive “full support” from the National Government.

"Companies and entrepreneurs today enjoy a solid capital of trust and respect from Colombians" In addition, those surveyed say they have a positive image of companies –57 percent–, believe that they “generate the country's wealth” –55 percent– and have a good reputation –59 percent–. These figures coincide with the levels of acceptance registered in other measurements such as the Invamer survey –58 percent– last April. In conclusion, companies and entrepreneurs today enjoy a solid capital of trust and respect from Colombians.

Another crucial aspect has to do with the role of private companies in the generation of wealth in society. According to the survey, 86 percent of citizens believe that a rich country without companies is not possible. In addition to the above, 58 percent think that the task of ensuring that the wealth of the Nation reaches all Colombians belongs to "all parties." In fact, the measurement builds an acceptance index of business management, whose result of 62.5 percent confirms that society recognizes in a majority and clear way the social and economic contribution of the private sector. The message that Colombians send with the results of this investigation is the welcome need for better channels of dialogue between "all parties" to strengthen the relationship between companies, citizens and the National Government. In particular, it is up to the latter to continue generating conditions for a fruitful conversation between the State, the private sector and civil society so that these business contributions are strengthened. In conclusion, the business sector is supported, respected and admired by Colombians. This is a valuable message that must be valued in all its dimension.

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By: El Tiempo

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