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Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce launches the e-Trust Trust Seal for online sales

Cámara Colombiana de Comercio Electrónico lanza el Sello de Confianza e-Trust para ventas en línea
Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce launches the e-Trust Trust Seal for online sales | Image taken from

The Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CCCE) launched the e-Trust Trust Seal, which certifies compliance with good practices in online commerce companies.

In a consumer survey conducted by the CCCE in collaboration with the Centro Nacional de Consultoría, in order to identify the fears that still persist among people and that limit online sales. The results revealed that 30% of those surveyed have not made purchases online due to mistrust in transactions, while 11% doubt that the products are the same as those shown and 7% mistrust the logistics processes.

“Trust is the fundamental pillar of electronic commerce. Without it, people are hesitant to transact and businesses are constrained in their growth. It is essential to create an ecosystem that provides security and peace of mind to consumers in all their online interactions,” said María Fernanda Quiñones, executive president of the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce.

In response to the concerns of users and with the objective of addressing each area, the CCCE, as a union that promotes and strengthens the eCommerce industry in Colombia, launched the 'e-Trust Trust Seal' to guarantee compliance with legal minimums providing peace of mind and security to buyers.

In its first stage, the seal has focused on aspects such as secure payments, efficient logistics and the consumer experience, promoting an environment of trust through the adoption of self-regulation mechanisms that are in line with the new dynamics of the industry.

“The e-Trust Trust Seal represents a significant step to strengthen the digital ecosystem in Colombia. This seal symbolizes the confidence, security and commitment of companies in the quality and transparency of their online operations. We have made progress in this initiative with the aim of addressing consumer concerns, which is essential for the sustainable and responsible development of electronic commerce in our country," said María Fernanda Quiñones.

In order for them to feel supported when making purchases online, these are the key points that the CCCE established to generate greater trust between Colombians and electronic commerce:

1. Secure payments: This is usually one of the most complex points, since it is necessary to identify and mitigate risks in payment gateways, establish good practices, comply with rules and regulations, as well as protect information and user resources. These elements are fundamental to guarantee people's trust in digital payments, since they address different aspects of security and transparency in transactions.

2. Efficient logistics: Logistics plays a crucial role in e-commerce, as it ensures the storage, packaging, transportation, and delivery of products purchased online. In order for this process to be increasingly reliable, it is necessary to ensure greater efficiency, transparency of information, and proper management of customer expectations. Gap analysis, good practices and existing standards are essential tools to strengthen the sector and ensure a positive experience.

3. Consumer experience: Providing greater consumer support is achieved through the implementation of good practices by online platforms, sellers and providers. These measures guarantee clear information, protection of personal data, efficient customer service, transparent return policies and fair dispute resolution, offering a safe and satisfying shopping experience that fosters trust.

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By: Laura Suárez Bernal

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