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Skout, Bumble and Meet me, among the most outstanding applications to meet people

There are 91 million users of dating apps, of which 62% are men and 38% are women.

Skout, Bumble and Meet me, among the most outstanding applications to meet people
Skout, Bumble and Meet me, among the most outstanding applications to meet people | Image taken from

The relationship of people through virtual platforms was strengthened during the pandemic, registering historical online activity figures. In a survey conducted by .co Internet and the Centro Nacional de Consultoría called "perceptions and use of the internet", in 2021 47% of Colombians accessed dating websites or apps to venture into the search for a partner or friends. Of this number, 83% of them did manage to connect with someone. This, with greater incidence in the Coffee Region (91%), the Santanderes (87%) and Bogotá (88%) Added to this, in the world there are about 91 million users who use dating applications, of which 62% (56 million) are men while the other 38% (35 million) are women. According to experts, this is because many women consider that a blind date could represent some risk for them.

Young people are the most active demographic mass. Between 16 and 34 years old, they are the ones who have the most presence in this type of applications, with Tinder being the most used in Western countries and Momo in China, although options such as Bumble and Hinge also stand out for their popularity. According to a survey through the Play Store and App Store, the apps that lead in downloads and scores to meet people (limiting Tinder to couples, which is why it is excluded from the ranking) are eight and they are totally free.

Skout It is a platform with a simple interface in which you only have to create a profile and chat with whoever you choose. It is free and available for Play Store and Appstore.

Bumble In addition to having its section for couples, this app is characterized by being the woman who takes the first step to talk to the person who becomes a 'match'. On the other hand, there is the category or mode of 'bff' to venture into the search for friends. Available on all operating systems.

Paltalk It is a video chat conference with anyone in the world. It could be said that it is another version of the famous 'chat roulette', and it can be downloaded on any operating system. It works on mobile and PC.

Ablo It is also a videoconference line, but here you choose who to talk to and privately.

Meet me It works from the geolocation system, like Bumble, so it will show the options that are closest to the user's location.

Meetup is a social networking platform created by Scott Heiferman, Matt Meeker and Peter Kamali in the 2000s. Its modality allows members to meet in real life through groups united by a common interest such as politics, sports, culture , hiking, books, technology, languages ​​and other topics.

Waplog It also works by geolocation, but it shows profiles from all over the world and is more aligned to meeting a partner or casual dates.

Timpik Timpik is an innovative and dynamic option because it offers a sports setting (soccer) to establish relationships between several people around the world.

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By: Daniella P. Rodríguez


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